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Teens & Young Parent Program (TYPP)

Through a collaboration with the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative, CFP has a new program for Teens & Young Adult Parents (TYPP) in Platte and Colfax Counties effective May 2022 and running through April 30, 2024.  We are partnering with local service providers and schools who have relationships with the target audience to help provide the services.
The program runs very similar to Community Response in that it has a referral process and provides for support services.  Here’s the criteria for the program:


  • The target audience for this funding is specifically for teen parent and young adult parents up to the age of 26. 

  • This includes teens and young adults who are expecting. 

  • Teens/young adults up to 26 can be served; if their children are documented, we can still serve them even if the parent is not documented.

Support services items that can be paid for from TYPP funds include therapy services, daily living appliances (washer, refrigerator, e.g.), pest control, healthcare copays, counseling for parent and children, prenatal vitamins, car seats, cribs, highchair, and more.  Through this program, virtual parenting classes are offered free of charge! This program provides for support services beyond what Community Response can provide for such items as funds car seats, appliances, etc.  
Those being served do not need to be enrolled in Community Response, although we can accept a referral if you feel they would benefit from our coaching services and are willing to meet with a coach regularly for at least a couple of months.
As you work with expecting teens and teen and young adult parents, keep TYPP in mind!  Contact Tammy or call 402-564-5661 with questions about TYPP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children, youth, and families to be healthy and resilient through a prevention network of community resources.

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