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Community Response (CR)

Community Response (CR) is a system of support and services for children, youth,

and families to prevent unnecessary entry into the child welfare system

and/or other high-end systems of care.

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Who Can We Serve?

  • Single or two-parent families WITH children 18 or younger in their household

  • Parents/caregivers can be legal guardians (or not) to the children

  • Parents/caregivers who are willing to actively meet with a Family Coach or are being served in a like manner by another organization

  • Proof of Citizenship not required

  • Probation cases, if determined there is a need beyond what Probation can provide for the individual

  • Pregnant or parenting youth/young adults

  • Young adults without children (ages 19-25)

  • Youth and young adults needing financial support for mental health services (as referred by schools or community agencies)

  • Residents of; Platte, Colfax, Boone, and Nance counties who are described above

Community Response Referral

Instructions for Service Providers

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children, youth, and families to be healthy and resilient through a prevention network of community resources.

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