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What We Do

Guiding Principles:
  • Community Well Being:

    • A statewide prevention initiative designed to give LOCAL community partnerships the ability to develop LONG-TERM plans using the LATEST strategies and data to prevent life’s challenges from becoming a crisis for many Nebraska families and children

  • Youth and Family Leadership, Partnership, Engagement, and Empowerment.

  • Race, Ethnicity, Equity, and Inclusion

    • Promotive and Protective Factors(Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development, Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Concrete Supports, Social & Emotional Competence of Children)

  • Collective Impact


Priority Areas for CFP:
  • Family & Youth Engagement Opportunities

  • Mental Health

  • Early Childhood Infrastructure and Supports

  • Low Income/Basic Need Resources

  • Food Security

  • Community Education & Training Opportunities

Partner Initiatives & Frameworks
Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children, youth, and families to be healthy and resilient through a prevention network of community resources.

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